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We understand that your property is your most valuable asset. Whether it is used for residential or commercial purposes, so when it comes to maintenance, inside or out high standards should be set, the best materials should be used and Master Craftsmen provided.

We use our 18 years experience along with the best quality paints from the vast range of coatings that are on the market and use only those best suited to your property to provide maximum durability and quality of finish.

From repairs to re-decoration

We undertake contracts for business and residential painting inside and out, ranging from repairs and re-decoration of a single room to the total interior and exterior redecoration of larger projects.

We undertake all types building maintenance, from small render repairs to large re-renders and including

Example of what we do
  • Rendering
  • Re-pointing
  • Rough cast render
  • 3 coat smooth render system
  • Cracked Render
  • Surface scars / blemishes
  • Penetrating damp
  • Flaking/blistering/cracking paint
  • Crumbling brickwork
  • Mould
  • Algae

Existing 1930s pebbledashed houses with any of these problems..

Loose porous, cracked areas, plynths coming off we have the soltuons.

Our Process

  • We hammer test for blown areas
  • Hack off blown pebbledash
  • Re-render repairs
  • Apply rough cast finish to blend in
  • (Apply bagging coat) Liquid render to all walls to stabilise
  • Apply undercoat and Hydrogrund primer
  • Spray Sto Lotusan self cleaning paint

We also use m3 masking machines to protect windows and doors.

Rough Cast Render Example 1

Rough Cast Render Example 2

Our Promise

  • To provide you with a free detailed specification
  • To specify materials we will use and explain why they have been selected for your project
  • To work solely on your project from start to finish
  • To complete the work to the highest possible standard
  • To complete the work with the minimum amount of fuss and disturbance
  • To ensure that you become one of our happy customers!