Sto Lotusan Self-Cleaning paint

The most advanced self cleaning paint


Applied with an Easyflow spray system for commercial/residential properties:

Sto Lotusan is a smooth coating unlike some other wallcoating companies that use a heavy textured coating which acts like a magnet for dirt.

It can be cleaned however Ladders, Traffic film remover, jet washers and a lot of elbow greece just to keep your property clean!!!  NOT OUR IDEA OF FUN!

Sto-Lotusan is the only product to use ,eliminating the need for all of the above.

Example of what we do

Work Of The Devil?

In a recent episode of Channel 4's 'Grand Designs', Kevin McCloud called ths paint 'the work of the devil' (watch the clip below!). There is a good scientific explanation though.


The paint contains water-repellent Lotus-Effect which sheds water from a surface as it rains. This process removes dirt and grime from exterior walls. Water cannot maintain surface contact and the wall dries quickly. Without water, micro-organisms such as algae, fungus and bacteria cannot survive.

The use of StoLotusan Color will play a major part in helping to protect your property and keep it looking clean. It comes in a choice of 500 different colours!

Watch & Learn

Find out more by watching the following 3 video clips. The first showing when the paint was featuered on Grand Designs, the following two are demonstrations from Sto.

Kevin McCloud on Grand Designs

Watch Kevin McCloud on Channel 4's Grand Designs program demonstrate the 'self-cleaning paint' with 'the sludge test'.

Demonstration 1: The Lotus Effect

Courtesy of Sto

Demonstration 2: Classic Dip Test

Courtesy of Sto

Demonstration 3: Watering Can Test

Courtesy of Sto