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We are specialists in the restoration and long-term protection of exterior walls. All of our wall coatings are maintenance-free, saving you time and money on your maintenance costs.

Smooth Rendering

Fully protect your property against the harsh UK weather with our 3 coat rendering system.

image Read Case Study of our work on Marineside Bracklesham Bay

Self-Cleaning Paint!

As seen on Grand Designs!

StoLotusan Colour is a 'self-cleaning paint!'. In an episode of Channel 4's 'Grand Designs', Kevin McCloud called this paint 'the work of the devil' (watch the clip below!).


The paint contains water-repellent Lotus-Effect which sheds water from a surface as it rains. This process removes grime and dirt from exterior walls. Water cannot maintain surface contact and the wall dries quickly. Without water, micro-organisms such as fungus, algae and bacteria cannot survive.

Using StoLotusan Colour will play a major part in protecting your property and keep it looking clean. It even comes in a choice of 500 different colours!

You can view a larger version of this clip along with 3 other video clips and more information by clicking here.

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